Andy's Msg:


To Our Web Site - 12.10.2004
Enjoy everyday of your life. Especially on today. Thank you for all the support you (and your gang) have given me. I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday, Bobo!



To Our Web Site - 11.05.2004

To all my wonderful fans:
Hi! This is Andy typin'(kekekek..) I had a great time readin' all the messages you guys have posted. And I want to apologize for not checkin' out this awesome site earlier( very
不應該 of me). So, from now on, I promsie to visit you guys here as much as possible, k? Feel free to leave me msgs here whenever you like, in whatever language you like (I have a multi-lingual dictionary...I really do.^^) I deeply cherish your love and support. Thank you guys so very much!!

To Bobo and Prudy:
I'm grateful for all that you have done. You guys did an awesome job on this website. I love it!

Everybody, it's Prudy's birthday tomorrow! Don't forget to say "happy birthday" to her too!!

Take great care of yourselves, and always be happy!! See y'all laterz~

To Our Web Site - 11.05.2004
One more thing....

To Bobo & Prudy:
Thank you girls for the bday presents! I will cherish them!

To Eve,
Don't worry.... I won't forget about you, silly!

能看到妳們給我的留言實在是令我太開心了 謝謝妳的關心和支持 我一定會更加努力的! 

To All:
I wish all of you all the best, always! Thanks again, guys!
 我想祝大家 Always身體健康 and Always萬事如意 謝謝大家~!!