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To Star - 12.05.2004

To all you sweethearts out there~

Thank you very much!! This has been a great birthday for me!! You guys are awesome!! Keep this site alive!!!!!

我今年的生日過的非常開心, 因為有你們的關心和支持 謝謝大家! I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO!!!!



To Star 18.02.2004

To all my fans, (especially Amy, Rosanna, Bobo, and Yvonne). Big, huge, Tank-sized hugs n kisses to y'all! Thanks so much for the support! I will not let you guys down!

To Mr. Daniel Lee, Ga Lok Go, and the whole SR family,
Thanks so much for bringin' the best outta me! Much love n respect to you guys!

Yours Truely,